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Representing yourself in Family Court in Ontario?

Have you chosen to handle your divorce on your own?

Do-It-Yourself in 4 Easy Steps

Do you need help preparing your Ontario divorce forms?
Whether your case is In Court or Out of Court,
SplitEasy tailors your divorce forms entirely for you.

  • Easy

    The do-it-yourself divorce process just got easier. Eliminate the frustration out of preparing complex divorce forms by yourself. SplitEasy takes your order, prepares your divorce forms and then provides you with clear instructions on what to do next.

  • Convenient:

    No lawyers. No meetings. No delays. SplitEasy serves you online, prepares your divorce forms and emails them to you quickly.

  • Low Price:

    Save thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. Take control of the process. SplitEasy offers you a list of options and prices that are transparent, predictable and affordable.

How can SplitEasy help you?

Don’t get buried in legal fees.
At SplitEasy, you only pay to have divorce professionals prepare the forms you need.
We help you save money, avoid inconvenience, and simplify the divorce process.

What divorce forms do you need?


Please read this warning carefully.  SplitEasy prepares the divorce forms that you purchase based on the information that you provide. You have 72 hours to request edits to your forms or request a refund.  SplitEasy is not responsible for the outcome of your case for any reason.

SplitEasy is a team of divorce professionals. We are not lawyers or a law firm. SplitEasy does not provide legal advice or legal representation. If you need legal advice or legal representation by a lawyer regarding divorce, parenting, support, property division or any other legal issue, it is important that you speak to and retain a lawyer.

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