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SplitEasy is the only affordable online service that customizes your divorce forms within 72 hours.

Find out how we can help you save time, money, hassle, and stress.

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Are You Stressed Because:

  • You are representing yourself in your divorce
  • You don’t know which divorce forms you need
  • The divorce forms are complicated and time-consuming
  • You're worried that making a mistake on the forms could negatively affect your case

SplitEasy Can Help!

We know that getting divorced is overwhelming and stressful, especially if you are representing yourself. We believe getting divorced should be simpler, easier, and more affordable, so we provide professional assistance with the complicated, time-consuming divorce forms. SplitEasy can help you at any stage of your Ontario divorce case.

Here's How It Works

What best describes your situation?

Starting to separate

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Separated & want to stay out of court

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Separated & in Court

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Do you need help preparing your Ontario divorce forms?

SplitEasy tailors your divorce forms entirely for you.


The do-it-yourself divorce process just got easier. Eliminate the frustration of
preparing complex divorce forms by yourself.


Our legal professionals make sure your documents are
compliant with Ontario’s
divorce laws. We complete
all the documents you need.


No lawyers. No meetings.
No delays. Spliteasy is an online service that prepares your divorce forms and emails them to you quickly.

Low price

Save thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. Take control of the process. SplitEasy lets you see all your options and pricing upfront.

Stop struggling with your divorce forms!

Save time, money, and frustration by having SplitEasy prepare the divorce forms you need so you can focus on what matters most.

Get started by learning about the divorce forms you need or choose your forms:

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SplitEasy prepares the divorce forms that you purchase based on the information that you provide. You have 72 hours to request edits to your forms or request a refund. SplitEasy is not responsible for the outcome of your case for any reason.

The documents you order through SplitEasy are prepared by the divorce professionals at our sister company, Benmor Family Law Group. SplitEasy does not provide legal advice or legal representation. If you need legal advice or legal representation by a lawyer regarding divorce, parenting, support, property division, or any other legal issue, it is important that you must speak to and retain a licensed Ontario lawyer.

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  • You understand that SplitEasy is not a substitute for legal advice or legal representation.

  • You understand that any information provided by SplitEasy is general information only.

  • You understand that SplitEasy is a divorce document preparation service that prepares your divorce forms based solely on the information you provide.

  • You understand that SplitEasy is not responsible for your case.