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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Services

1. How do your divorce services work?

2. How much do your divorce services cost?

3. Why do these forms cost hundreds of dollars when they are free online?

4. Can I change my answers later?

5. Will my documents be reviewed by a lawyer?

6. What if I have legal questions before or during the process?

7. Is technical support available?

8. What kind of software will I need?

9. How does payment work?

About The Divorce Process

1. I want information, but I am not sure about getting a divorce at this time.

2. Am I qualified to get a divorce?

3. What is legal separation, and do I need a separation agreement?

4. Do I have to be separated for a certain amount of time before applying for my divorce?

5. Am I considered separated even though my spouse and I still live together in our home?

6. I don’t know which Divorce form I need. Can you help?

7. We are separated and have a Separation Agreement. Now I want to get a divorce. How can I get started?

8. My spouse and I do not agree on support, property, or custody. My spouse started the divorce proceedings by filing an Application. What form do I need?

9. I think I am in a common-law relationship. Is the divorce process different for me?

10. My partner and I agree on all issues of parenting, support, and property. Can we proceed with a joint divorce?

11. My partner does not accept that I want a divorce. Can I get a divorce anyway? How do I start the process?

12. Does it matter where we got married?

13. My spouse lives outside of Ontario, and I would like to get a divorce. What documents would I need?

14. I don't know my partner's address. Can I still use these forms?

15. What is the difference between a simple sole/uncontested divorce and a simple joint divorce?

16. What are the court costs?

17. Does SplitEasy cover court fees?

18. How long does it take to get a divorce?

19. I am in an abusive relationship, and I want to get divorced. What should I do?

20. I need a divorce, but I cannot afford it. What are my options?

21. Does my partner need to sign these documents?

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