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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I hire SplitEasy to fill in the divorce forms when I can download them and fill them out myself for free? retain a lawyer. Add Question

Unless you are a lawyer, have a lawyer or have a legal background, preparing your divorce forms may be confusing and frustrating. SplitEasy was established to solve that problem and make your divorce much easier.

SplitEasy is a reliable and affordable alternative to lawyers or do-it-yourself divorce kits.  Our experienced team of divorce professionals have prepared thousands of Ontario divorce forms which the courts have accepted. We will assist you in choosing the correct divorce forms for your situation, fill them out for you, and provide clear instructions about what to do next. 

So if you are going through a divorce on your own and you are confused about the process, uncertain which divorce forms you need to complete, and require professional help to choose the right divorce forms for your needs, make sure that they are filled out correctly and then be given specific directions on how to complete the process, SplitEasy is here to help you.

Will my spouse have access to the same forms?

In Ontario, all divorce forms are equally required by each spouse. Your spouse will have access to the same forms and be equally required to complete them. SplitEasy will be able to assist both spouses since we are not lawyers or provide legal advice or representation.  

Can our forms be linked or filled out together?

Even though each spouse may be required to complete the same divorce forms, each customer account is separate and there will not be any sharing of information from one customer account to another. Therefore, your divorce forms, or any of the information contained in them, will not be shared with your spouse.  

Can I collaborate on a separation agreement with my spouse?

SplitEasy does not serve as a mediation service or intermediary between spouses. In order to protect each customer’s privacy and personal information, SplitEasy does not facilitate the joint preparation of divorce forms.

Can I have a lawyer review the completed form?

After SplitEasy prepares your divorce forms, you are welcome to share them with a lawyer to obtain legal advice and representation. 

I'm not sure which document I need?

Depending on which stage of divorce you are in, SplitEasy will assist you in determining what divorce forms you require.