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About SplitEasy

Most people cannot afford to pay lawyers $350 per hour. The majority of spouses in Toronto represent themselves in family court without a lawyer, without the appropriate forms, or with mistakes, resulting in delays, wasted court time, and added expenses.

SplitEasy is changing the divorce experience in Ontario by simplifying the hardest part of the divorce process, preparing the complex and time-consuming divorce forms. We offer a reliable and affordable alternative to lawyers or do-it-yourself divorce kits.

While many do-it-yourself divorce websites provide services for uncontested divorces, SplitEasy prepares all your divorce documents at any stage of the process. The divorce professionals at our sister company, Benmor Family Law Group, expertly complete your divorce forms and then provide you with clear instructions on what to do next. SplitEasy can prepare your court forms quickly and affordably because we do not provide legal advice or representation.

SplitEasy will accommodate any reasonable request for changes to your divorce documents, provided that such requests are made within 72 hours of receiving your divorce documents. We offer a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE for any customers that are not satisfied. We do not provide money-back based on the outcome of your case.


For those who represent themselves in Ontario Family Court, SplitEasy simplifies the complicated process of preparing divorce forms by preparing them professionally, affordably, and quickly.


SplitEasy’s vision is to empower Ontario spouses who do not have a lawyer by making the do-it-yourself divorce process easy, convenient, and affordable.


SplitEasy values access to justice for all Ontarians through innovation and technology.