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Quality of life after online divorce in Ontario

Quality of life after online divorce in Ontario

The end of a marriage brings forth feelings of uncertainty and nervousness not knowing the quality of life thereafter. But like all processes, divorce too, has a beginning and an end. The beginning of the divorce process is strewn with psychological and physiological issues including stress, anxiety, and depression. However, the end of it usually brings a new sense of clarity, gratitude, and satisfaction. SplitEasy explains how life after an online divorce in Ontario can be.

Well-being scales

According to the Journal of Marriage and Family, divorce or the dissolution of marriage can adversely affect the well-being of those involved.

Personal satisfaction

As mentioned, divorce is associated with poor mental and physical health outcomes. However, studies show that there is a higher level of personal satisfaction and positive outcome, especially for women who are able to leave a low-quality marriage.

Positive and negative effect

It may seem strange to say but divorce does have its benefits. The reason people end their marriages is because they are unhappy, unfulfilled, or unsatisfied. Once divorced, though, they are able to focus on themselves to realise their dreams and aspirations. After the initial sadness and grief, divorced people actively pursue their happiness, especially if they have just ended an abusive relationship. There is a greater sense of autonomy and personal growth during this period of their lives, which they may not have experienced during the marriage. This is also when they look to reunite with family and friends who may have been neglected previously.

Another key benefit of divorce is that people turn into better parents as a bad marriage can be draining and all consuming. Children of divorce, too, become mature earlier and accept a sense of responsibility more easily. 

The negative effects of divorce are known to one and all:

  1. Children of divorce may blame themselves or be forced to pick sides between the two parents.
  2. It is said that divorce is considered one of the biggest stressors in adult life.
  3. Some people lose friends and family due to the collateral damage of divorce.
  4. The first few months can be lonely until they are able to adjust to the new lifestyle.
  5. Co-parenting can be exhausting, both mentally and physically.
  6. There is a higher risk of cardiovascular stress, especially in middle-aged women.

Life satisfaction

A divorce offers people the opportunity to enjoy quality ‘me time’ without the added responsibilities and routines of married couples. This provides an opportunity to relax, unwind and focus on personal goals and objectives. There is a new sense of calm and freedom that was missing during the marriage.

Online/face to face interaction

The Internet is changing the way we look at the divorce process, especially in the pandemic-driven environment we live in. Now it is possible to conduct the divorce mediation process online with an individual mediator or service. This can be helpful in two ways – social distancing due to the pandemic and the disinterest of the parties to meet face to face.

Emotional support

Every person reacts differently to the dissolution of a marriage. However, just as death, there are several stages of grief to navigate through. The six stages of divorce are denial, shock, rollercoaster, bargaining, letting go and acceptance.

However, it is important to remember that emotional support and healing is necessary for everyone from the most vulnerable to the strongest as divorce can be highly unsettling. Allowing yourself to grieve, choosing to let go and surrounding yourself with people who nurture you can be the right emotional journey in the moment.

A sense of control over one’s life

Finally, ending a marriage, especially an emotionally or physically abusive one, can help people seize control over their lives. This is a key component of happiness as having such control and autonomy can make one stronger and healthier.

Thus, with the pandemic placing strains on relationships across the globe, Google searches for ‘how can I get a divorce’ are soaring. However, the traditional, paper-based divorce proceedings can take years to finalize coupled with stress and financial pressures. SplitEasy’s efficient services are revolutionising the divorce process in Ontario by helping you prepare and complete complex legal divorce applications and forms. Contact us today!