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5 online tools that will help you survive divorce

5 online tools that will help you survive divorce  

It wasn’t that long ago that computers were these machines that sat on our desks at home and at work. We used our PCs mainly for word processing and data storage. Then along came the Internet. In the earlier generations of the Internet, websites were all the rage.

All sorts of businesses scrambled to create a presence on the world wide web. Every business needed to have a website in order to stake out its ground on the web. For the most part, these websites were simply online brochures, describing the business, its team and the products and services that it offered. 

Eventually, businesses realized that their websites could be used for much more, like interfacing with their clients through password-protected access, educational information, and other online tools. Then along came apps. This further made a radical change in how we use our computers, which no longer sit on our desks but rather in our pocket or purse.

Despite all of these changes, the rate of divorce has not changed. Still, half of all marriages and common-law relationships end in separation and divorce. Many families going through divorce have children. For those divorcing families, managing their post-separation lives is far easier today than ever before because of websites and apps that have been created to assist families.

Below are my recommendations for the top 5 websites and apps for divorcing parents.


This App was created with a single goal in mind - to reduce conflict between parents after separation. The app helps separated couples through better organization and communication.

Our Family Wizard contains a number of features that contribute to its goal. First, it contains a calendar that helps lessen confusion over custody and access scheduling. It allows you to track your parenting schedule, share appointment details, and request changes to parenting time. Second, the app contains a messaging board feature which is a secure platform for communication between parents. Messages on this platform can never be edited, deleted or retracted. Our Family Wizard created the ToneMeter, a program that helps parents keep their communications civil, positive, and child-focused. 

Third, the Expense Log feature helps parents track their expenses with ease and precision by allowing them to attach receipts to each expense entry, and keep accurate payment histories.

2.Google Calendar

Co-parenting becomes much easier when planning is clearly documented and calendared. Google Calendar offers an easy way to cut down on conflict. Google offers a free calendar service that separated parents can access and share. It allows for updating, notifications and reminders. 

Google Calendar allows both parents to know exactly what is going on with their children and who has what responsibilities and when. It does not allow for errors, excuses or conflict because neither parent can forgot a doctor's appointment or a sporting event. 

Google sends event reminders. It also makes scheduling changes easier. Parents simply add entries to the calendar and wait to see if their ex accepts the invitation, declines it, or edits it.

This online support calculator calculates support payments using the federal Child Support Guidelines and the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines. The site calculates spousal support and child support by you entering basic information about your family and income.

This is the only accurate and free online spousal and child support calculator in Canada. It is available to everyone 24/7 and uses the same software that is used by judges and lawyers.

CanLii offers free public access to all Canadian legislation and judicial decisions. With this website, you can read:

  • past court cases of your lawyer or your ex’s lawyer and see how they did.  

  • past court cases of a lawyer you are considering hiring.

  • past court cases of the judge presiding over your case. 

  • past court cases of any expert and how they were received by the judge.

  • past court cases that are most similar to yours.  

CanLii is used by lawyers, judges and mediators alike. CanLii is a treasure trove of data on all professionals in your court case.

Pardon the bias, but (my website) is the most comprehensive resource for anyone needing guidance with their divorce. Whether you are represented by me, by another lawyer, or by yourself, the website offers a clear overview of the laws in Ontario.

Under the Resources tab, the reader can scroll down to the Law Library where they will be met with links to every important piece of legislation available. The website also offers precise answers to Frequently Asked Questions ranging in subjects relating to Divorce, Parenting Plans, Support, Property Division, Mediation, Arbitration, and Court Procedure.  

The Video Library is your free source on How To Divorce.  Clients (even fellow lawyers) are constantly thanking me for creating such a robust site to navigate them through divorce.


We are so fortunate to have such tremendous online help for spouses experiencing divorce. Of course, the digital age does not replace competent legal advice and representation by a lawyer, but they sure help educate you and reduce your costs. 

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