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Online divorce order FAQs

Online divorce order FAQs

Most people looking to pursue a divorce online ask very similar questions about the process. Many of them are understandably reticent about online divorces, and are often surprised at how easy and efficient the procedure can be. Take a look at the answers to these FAQs about online divorce, and you too will realize how much easier this process can be if you use the digital tools available to you.

What Happens When You Apply Online?

Online divorces are mainly for couples who have decided to handle their divorces on their own, without securing the services of a lawyer. They are easiest when they are uncontested, but contested divorces could also be handled in this way. The process is actually straightforward and SplitEasy guides you through it step by step. First, you check to see what documents you need (we can help with that once you answer a few simple questions). Then you purchase the forms, providing SplitEasy with all the relevant information. SplitEasy then prepares the documents and emails them to you within three working days, along with instructions on how to file and serve them.

How Can You Apply For A Divorce Online?

Again, all you have to do is follow the four-step process described above: find your forms, order them, and provide your information. Once you receive the forms, you simply follow the instructions provided by SplitEasy to help you complete your filing and have your documents served to your spouse.

What Is The Cost For Applying Online?

The price will depend on the documents you need for your divorce. An Application Package for an in-court divorce costs $599. This includes the application, financial statement, and affidavit in support of a claim for child custody or access. An Uncontested Divorce Package, for divorces to be settled out of court, includes the application, affidavit, divorce order, and certificate of divorce, and costs $299. There are several different packages for different needs. Let us know exactly what your circumstances are, and we will be able to give you a more accurate quote regarding the cost.

Where Do You Get The Forms?

All the forms you need can be purchased from SplitEasy through our easy ordering process. You don’t even need to complete the forms; you simply give us the information, and we fill them in for you.

Filing An Uncontested Divorce

Filing an uncontested divorce is usually done through a joint application. You simply order the Divorce Package and follow the filing guidelines we provide, with the documents being signed and filed by both parties. No lawyers are involved, and the application and filing can be completed relatively quickly, provided you and your spouse sign the documents timeously. Having said that, a joint application comes with a few complications, and we generally recommend that applicants file a sole application, which can then be served to the other spouse, who then signs without contesting it. Provided both spouses are prepared to conclude the application, this process is just as easy as a joint application, without any of the unexpected complications that can sometimes arise.

Filing A Contested Divorce

Contested divorces take a bit more time and will require you to appear in court. All the necessary documents are available through SplitEasy, and we will provide you with thorough guidelines to get you through the filing, serving procedures, as well as your court appearance.

How To Complete The Divorce Online

The SplitEasy process is designed for simplicity and we take you through it every step of the way. Start by finding the forms you need (we can offer advice if you need it). Once you order the forms, wait for our email to arrive in your inbox within three working days, and then follow the filing guidelines we provide.

Now that you know the answers to these FAQs about online divorce orders, let SplitEasy provide you with the most affordable divorce in Ontario. Contact us for more information, or visit our website to order your divorce documents.