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How to survive the holidays during divorce

How to survive the holidays during divorce

Most people going through a divorce often feel anxiety when the holidays approach. You wonder how you can possibly feel festive during a time of grief. However, as hard as it may seem, it is the traditions of the holidays that offer a distraction to the stress of family break-up.

Holiday expand your support network during divorce

Spouses undergoing separation often feel alone, ashamed and isolated.  But the holidays are a time for bringing people together, especially family and friends.  These people are the support network you need  to provide solace, comfort and guidance during the time you are going through the divorce procedure.  

The distress of divorce will eventually fade and there will come new routines and a feeling of normalcy.  The question is not if but how fast this will occur.  That is where the support network comes in to provide a catalyst for that recovery and empowerment.  

Rather than dread the holidays, embrace the benefits of the company to be provided by loved ones. 

An opportunity for renewal

Another benefit from the holidays is an opportunity to seek renewal.  Divorce is a new beginning that offers the opportunity to find new meaning in life, setting new life goals and planning ahead. Through this process, sadness, hurt and tears may be inevitable, and that is okay.  This is part of the journey of life. 

Holidays typically are based on family traditions and routines but can also allow the opportunity for new traditions to be formed for the family and children. Separating spouse can think of creative ways to celebrate the holidays with new routines. 

A reminder that it is not all about you

What is more gratifying during the holidays than giving? Helping others that are in need or have their own challenges in life, allows you to realize that the holidays is not about you. It is bigger than that. It is about you encouraging others, being kind and welcoming new people into your life and theirs into yours. 

Prepare yourself for the new reality by keeping things simple, and costs low

Lastly, make things easier and simpler. You may feel like after separation, you no longer have the same luxury as before, but who needs those? 

The holidays are not about “things” it is about the loved ones you surround yourself with. Make a budget and stick with it. You may come to realize that it may be less stressful planning the holidays with a smaller budget. 

This may also teach your children the true meaning of the holidays. Rather than buying gifts, bring out the creativity again and make things that come from the heart. 

Make the holidays about family and smile while at it, it will get easier and soon enough you will look forward to celebrating once again. 

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