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How much is my divorce proceeding going to cost?

How much is my divorce proceeding going to cost?

The thought of having to pay lawyers’ fees is often daunting to someone contemplating their legal divorce proceedings.

 Sometimes, the value lawyers assign to different services they provide can seem arbitrary. This is not the case at all.

How do lawyer fees in a divorce procedure work?

Simply put, a lawyer charges by the hour. Regardless of the complexity of the case or the amount awarded to the client at the conclusion of a case, a lawyer delivers to his client an invoice based on the number of hours spent working on his or her client’s behalf.

If you ask your lawyer to prepare a letter for you, then it is simple to account for its time. The lawyer will collect the information from you and then prepare a draft letter for you to review and approve.  Straightforward. But what happens if you and your lawyer are dealing with complex issues, such as a marriage breakdown, child custody, domestic violence, the sale and division of a family’s property?

In cases such as these, a lawyer dockets his time for the following services:


This is the time your lawyer spends with you in his office, on the telephone and by email.

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