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Why do so many marriages end at the end of summer?

Why do so many marriages end at the end of summer? 

Living in Canada provides us with the privilege of having four different seasons, each one with its own special experience. Winter is the time to cocoon and warm up by a fireplace or enjoy outdoor snow sports like skiing or skating. 

The fall is a time of renewal, with the kids going back to school, the leaves changing and the weather getting cooler. We look forward to the spring season after a long cold winter, with the snow melting and the grass turning green again. The summer sits in the middle of all of this. 

Summers have always been a time of relaxation, vacation and contemplation. For some people, the time away from work provides an opportunity for evaluating their place in life and measure their level of happiness. 

The summer holidays are when unhappy couples give divorce serious consideration

For people that are living in an unhappy marriage, the summer season can be the time of the year when they question why they remain in an unhappy marriage. And so while the children are either at camp or busy with their friends, one or both spouses may use that break to make a change to better their life and arrive at the decision to divorce. 

Once the decision is made, the summer season affords the spouses the opportunity to make the necessary plans in order to implement their separation before the kids return to school in September. 

That is why there is an uptick in divorce in the summer.

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