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Divorce is big business, but where is the money

Divorce is big business, but where is the money

Any successful business enterprise requires research, intelligence and statistics to best position itself in the marketplace. A keen understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviour provides business leaders with the necessary intelligence for creating and delivering the exact services that are in demand. 

That is why one of the biggest law firms in the world, UK-based Slater and Gordon*, commissioned a research study to ascertain the causes of divorce and the outcomes sought by separating spouses. It is this very data that this mega-firm used to achieve maximum market share. 

Results of the Slater & Gordon research (H2)

The research of Slater and Gordon revealed that:

-  a small minority (less than 20%) of divorces are acrimonious

- another minority (28% of separated spouses) are not interested in remaining civil with their ex-spouse

- the vast majority (67%) of divorcees wish to remain friends with their ex-spouse after separation

- the reason given by divorcees wishing to remain friendly with their ex-spouses included 

(a) for the sake of the children;

(b) because of shared history;

(c) to retain shared friends;

(d) to remain close to the ex-spouse’s family; and 

(e) because they value the friendship.

So is there any doubt which process is the one most desired by the largest population of separating suppose – court or mediation ?

Just like toymakers follow children’s ideas for toys, just like fast-food chains taste-test new menu items, and just like fashion designers showcase new lines before their critics, all purveyors of goods and services must seek out and heed to the research and data collected on the attitudes, behaviours and demands of their consumer population.

For those working in the divorce system, the statistics are showing that separating spouses are not interested in divorce court, The adversarial nature of litigation or its expense.

The Family law lawyers who hear this siren call and cater to the wishes of their clientele will be the successful bunch, while those shepherding their clients to court will likely experience a shrinking practice. Which one are you ?

*Slater & Gordon has over 1,200 staff in 18 offices across England & Wales

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