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Deciding if a DIY divorce is right for you

Deciding if a DIY divorce is right for you

You and your spouse have decided to part ways. Are you going to consult a lawyer, or are you planning to handle the process yourself? Going with a DIY divorce can save you both time and money - but is it right for you? Here is a guide to help you decide whether the two of you can work this out between you or if you’re going to need to lawyer up.

The pros and cons of DIY divorce

The main reason why most people consider the DIY divorce process is the fact that it is much cheaper. Everyone wants to save money, so who wouldn’t choose this option? Before you do, however, consider the circumstances around your break-up. Do you agree on most aspects of your divorce, including child custody, property, spousal support, and child support? Does it seem likely that you will reach a settlement on your own? Even if you have not reached an agreement, is it likely that you will have to represent yourself as you can’t afford legal representation? If any of these apply to you, then the DIY route is a good option for you.

If, prior to deciding to divorce, the relationship has already reached high levels of conflict, it’s usually advisable to seek the advice of a family lawyer. Without legal assistance, you may be less likely to know what you are entitled to and reach a settlement. You may need a lawyer’s help to discover what you are entitled to. When the break-up is  contentious, it may need to be entrusted to the legal system for a final decision.


However, if the two of you are prepared to talk and settle all your affairs in an objective way, then a DIY divorce may be the perfect option for you. Even better, if you have already decided how you are going to divide your property, schedule time with your children and set support payments, then your DIY divorce will be a straightforward and inexpensive matter.

That being said, even when a divorce is contentious, you may not be able to afford to pay the hefty legal fees that divorce attorneys demand. It is still possible for you to pursue a DIY divorce in such a case, provided you have someone that can help you with the paperwork and advise on the correct procedures. This is where SplitEasy comes in.

Get the right divorce forms

If you have decided to file for divorce on your own, then you really only need two things: the right divorce forms, and instructions on how to serve and file them. Many people who want to do a DIY divorce come up short on both counts and end up confused and frustrated. SplitEasy is here to provide you with personalized divorce forms, as well as detailed instructions on how to proceed to make it as painless as possible. We offer an exceptionally low cost for your divorce in Ontario.

SplitEasy makes divorce easy, convenient, and cheap. You can eliminate the frustration of preparing complex forms on your own. We take your order, prepare your divorce forms and deliver them to you, together with instructions on your next steps. You save thousands of dollars, as well as the many hours you would otherwise spend running in circles. 

Get the forms you need with Split Easy

If you have decided that DIY divorce is the right way to go, then all you need is the correct paperwork. SplitEasy can provide the divorce forms you need, tailored to your case.  All you need to do is follow our simple, online process. To get started with your DIY divorce, buy your forms now or contact us for more information.